We All Love Cats

You guessed it! This entry is about cats. Or to be precise, this entry contains cat pictures.

I’m putting my script on hold. I’m pretty much stuck. And my deadline is in June… I’m suffering a terrible writer’s block these days. I don’t know where\what\who I could turn to right now… I even tried getting back to drawing (I’m gonna upload my recent drawing later, stay tuned).
And of course, I also tried working with my camera… but it didn’t help me, cause I’m not writing about cats, or anything that’s close enough to pets…

Anyway, hope you enjoy these:

[better click to enlarge, this one looks much better big]

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– Saffron

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It’s Rainingin May, Hallelujah! (fruit post!)

I can’t believe it’s raining now! Usually May is very sunny here… Oh, well.

I’m sorry for neglecting you lately… I should really update more. For some reason I can’t stand the layout of this blog. I should make a new header and change the background. It’s funny, you’d think I’m good at designing, but the truth is, I suck. So if anyone’s reading this and wants to help me with the design, just let me know!

I made a smoothie today, and I took a picture of its early stage:

more fruit stuff:

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– Saffron

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I know it’s been a while, but I’m still here! Just been pretty busy with my pilot script.

It was Audrey Hepburn’s birthday the other day… Not that I celebrated it or anything… Cause that would be weird…. but I’m gonna put here some pictures I took of her books (‘How to be Lovely’ and ‘An Elegant Spirit’ by her son, Sean Hepburn Ferrer)

– Saffron

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Please Credit My Photos!

I found a picture of mine going astray on Tumblr! It was cropped and you couldn’t see my signature… this is so annoying. But I guess it’s no one’s fault… Pictures online are spreading so fast…
Anyway, I decided to make my signature a little bit bigger…. I hope it doesn’t ruin the picture too much, but oh well….

I applied to stock photography sites, I could use the cash, since I don’t have a steady job (remember I’m writing a script?)… My pictures got accepted to one site, but I’m still waiting to hear from a bigger site… see if I get accepted! Wish me luck!

Enough with the talking, right?? Picture time!!!

– Saffron

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My Swag, Your Swag

I’m using my entire writing abilities on my script, so I haven’t written here for almost a week! Whoa, that’s bad… But ‘s all good…

I made really creepy pictures, using my webcam and some photoshop…. hmmm…

lol wtf

Talk to you soon!
– Saffron

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April 1st – The Movie

Or not really… I mean, I had this idea to make a movie (or rather a web series) that’s called April 1st… But, things fell down (as they usually do when it comes to low budget to none at all “indie” productions…)… ANYWAY – this is the poster I made, and if anyone’s interested in making a web series… let me know, and we’ll see how to try to not push it down a cliff.

– Saffron

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Just A Dinner Plate

You know those days when no matter what you’re trying to say, it just comes out wrong? Well, today is one of those days. I’d better not say anything and just upload a picture. I will not even write a caption, it’s pretty straight forward anyways :)

Nothing fancy…

– Saffron

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