I’d Let Her: Mélanie Laurent (via enduring the wasteland.)

Oh wow, apparently you can reblog posts. Anyway, I just had to reblog this. I love Mélanie and you know how I express my love… I write scripts. In my current project (been working on it for over a year now) my heroine is named after Mélanie Laurent.

<i>I'd Let Her</i>: Mélanie Laurent Let me get this off my chest:  my inclinations are almost wholly towards the brunette.  But Melanie Laurent isn't just any blonde.  Almost stereotypically French, where more than half her photos that I've seen include a cigarette, she has something terribly au naturel about her.  More than brunettes, more than anything, a beautiful girl without make-up takes the cake.  Go ahead, smoke on, Melanie.  Oh yeah, she knows how to act.  From what I've g … Read More

via enduring the wasteland.


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