Hello dear readers,
I will use this platform to promote something very important to me.

A tiny meltdown was in store for me last week. SHOWTIME decided to cancel my favorite TV show and self-help guide, ‘United States of Tara’.
Now apart from it being very annoying (they were basing it on not getting enough views), I thought I was alone in there and everything was doomed.

Well, it isn’t. I’ve come across some great people who are sticking to the great cause of saving this show and together we are trying to put up a fight.

So, since Showtime (and show business) only understand numbers, we need to gather as many people as possible to make a change.

Please support our fight by spreading the word to anyone and everyone, anywhere and everywhere:
-Join the Facebook page
-Tweet and RT #SaveTara #USoTS4 (I’m @SaffronCopper, add me if you’d like)
-Write Showtime (you can get a lot of information on the Facebook page)
-And there’s a forum too! It’s very neat, since Alice is in charge. ;)

Thank you!

Also, since this is a photoblog, I’m adding photos I took way back while United States of Tara was just about to begin! (this also means I didn’t have my DSLR back then. Point and shoot, anyone?)

Have a wonderful week,
– Saffron


About saffroncopper

I'm the girl of your dreams. I may not exist. Go back to sleep.
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