We All Love Cats

You guessed it! This entry is about cats. Or to be precise, this entry contains cat pictures.

I’m putting my script on hold. I’m pretty much stuck. And my deadline is in June… I’m suffering a terrible writer’s block these days. I don’t know where\what\who I could turn to right now… I even tried getting back to drawing (I’m gonna upload my recent drawing later, stay tuned).
And of course, I also tried working with my camera… but it didn’t help me, cause I’m not writing about cats, or anything that’s close enough to pets…

Anyway, hope you enjoy these:

[better click to enlarge, this one looks much better big]

If you like the pictures, you know what to do! Share, comment & rate!

– Saffron


About saffroncopper

I'm the girl of your dreams. I may not exist. Go back to sleep.
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3 Responses to We All Love Cats

  1. Catie Eliza says:

    I do indeed love cats. :] and this post. :] xx

  2. t says:

    I’m lovin’ the new design but helloooo, how about posting something??

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