It’s Rainingin May, Hallelujah! (fruit post!)

I can’t believe it’s raining now! Usually May is very sunny here… Oh, well.

I’m sorry for neglecting you lately… I should really update more. For some reason I can’t stand the layout of this blog. I should make a new header and change the background. It’s funny, you’d think I’m good at designing, but the truth is, I suck. So if anyone’s reading this and wants to help me with the design, just let me know!

I made a smoothie today, and I took a picture of its early stage:

more fruit stuff:

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– Saffron


About saffroncopper

I'm the girl of your dreams. I may not exist. Go back to sleep.
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One Response to It’s Rainingin May, Hallelujah! (fruit post!)

  1. איילת says:

    Pretty pretty fruits! :)

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