What is ‘Perfect’? The Story of Public Figures

Once upon a time, there was a lonely girl that had so many questions and wonders about life. She sat down in one dreary Sunday afternoon, and at that particular moment, she asked herself: What does ‘perfect’ mean to you?

To me,” said the girl, “it means effort. It also means team work“. She continued, “In order to have something perfect, you have to gather all the best qualities and put them together on that thing you want to be seen as perfect.
The girl was right. Or at least, I think she was right.

In a world full of public figures that possessed her, she came to realize why those idols are divinely perfect.
They get up in the morning, just as you and me often do, maybe even earlier– and afterwards, they encounter very closely with a TEAM, and magic happens“. Magic? There is no such thing as magic. Smart girls ought to know!

Magic: A team of FAIRIES.” She went on, “They scatter their fairy dust and wiggle their magic wands in the most precise and professional way you’ve ever seen. Each fairy became a fairy because s/he worked oh so very hard to become a fairy.” Now it’s becoming slightly clearer: know your craft, study it, insist on it, do it.
Fairies are best friends with Public Figures.” They do their hair and make-up, outfits… They guide them in their words and actions… “The fairies who work on them are top banana. Without the fairies, the Public Figures wouldn’t have been perfect.

A moment of silence. Considering her previous words, the girl added, “Moreover, Public Figures are fairies themselves. They, too, became fairies the same way. Hard work. But… I was talking about what is ‘perfect’: All those fairies mixed together, that is perfect. Never mistake one fairy as ‘perfect’“.

And life was pleasant among the Public Figures, for this was as close to heaven as one could get on our Earth.” But don’t ever forget that, dear lonely girl, you share with Public Figures more than meets the eye. “Well, yes…” She replied, “And they may be as lonely as I am. Never alone, but lonely indeed.

The End.

Sometimes I make my own fairies

P.S – line taken and revised from the movie ‘Sabrina’ (1954): “Life was pleasant among the Larrabees, for this was as close to heaven as one could get on Long Island.”
The rest is taken and revised from my mind.

– Saffron


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I'm the girl of your dreams. I may not exist. Go back to sleep.
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