Back in Black (and White)

Hey guys!
It’s been a busy week, and I hope this post will save before I have to leave again…
I revised my spec script, and I’m quite happy with it. It’s a little funny how I revise those 20 pages too much, before I even finished the entire thing…

-Do you have the time?
-Why, yes. I do. IT’S PICTURE TIME!
And this time it’s me on the piano. A little black and white for this vintage feeling we all love to love…

See you soon,
– Saffron


About saffroncopper

I'm the girl of your dreams. I may not exist. Go back to sleep.
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2 Responses to Back in Black (and White)

  1. you should do a post about photography tips. your photos are beautiful and people that have just held a dslr camera in their hand for the first time (like me) could use some tips!

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