‘So What?’ So Plenty!

I have the strangest feeling now – I feel like getting up and shout out loud – LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!

That was my instant reaction to when my mom called me and asked me if I wanted her to bring me take out. But it has been slowly simmering for quite a while now, longing to embrace life…

People whose lives been treating them awful are prone to be depressive? There must be some truth to that. But I also believe one can grow out of it… I’ve had problems with seeing what’s laid out in front of me. I was already set in my own thoughts. I was blind, deaf, basically numb to everything. The most beautiful things I had ever seen – I couldn’t find their beauty. I would know it’s supposed to be beautiful, but kept wondering: where is the beauty? I just couldn’t see it and couldn’t feel it.

So, as you can understand now, me saying ‘life is beautiful’ to such a small thing as food, is a milestone.

And now – for something beautiful:

click to enlarge



About saffroncopper

I'm the girl of your dreams. I may not exist. Go back to sleep.
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3 Responses to ‘So What?’ So Plenty!

  1. ©Woomie says:

    Super beautiful. I love the lighting :)

  2. ayelet says:

    Wow..That’s a happy post! :)
    I’m glad to hear you’re so posotive now!
    I LOVE this picture BTW…

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