Modern Guy

Just before the end of January, here are more pictures from the beach —

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In other news, I went to look for an Audrey Hepburn poster the other day. While I was leafing through the tremendous amount of posters, I got a little tired, so I asked the guy who worked there “Do you have any Audrey Hepburn posters?”. The guy looked at me, completely clueless, and replied “Umm… Can you refresh my memory? Who is Audrey Hepburn?”. A little shocked, but not judging, I said “She was a porn star” and left the store.


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I'm the girl of your dreams. I may not exist. Go back to sleep.
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2 Responses to Modern Guy

  1. ayelet says:

    LOL! I can’t believe you said she was a porn star! :O
    Where was it?
    Anyway, I’m not surprised he didn’t know who she was…Sadly. :(

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