Christina Hendricks In Playboy?!

I’m gonna go a little off topic today, and it’s only because I like Christina Hendricks. A LOT.

Even though I promised myself not to get involved in the talk about her body, I will go astray just this once.

This thing started its way around the internet:

She's the one on the right.

(go here –!/Playboy/status/24965586744246273)

Shocked as I was to see this, I started to look for reasons why this cannot be real… Contemplating on this picture for a moment, I finally come up with her breasts (I can’t believe it wasn’t my FIRST indication) —
They say it’s from 99, so her body must have changed since. Take a note now, would you: boobs don’t change that drastically (and remember she had no surgery done)… hmm OK?

Sorry, but I refuse to believe this sort of crap.

I gotta say that it does look real though… chapeau bas.

I guess we can wait a few days and see Christina’s reaction to that picture.

– Saffron


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I'm the girl of your dreams. I may not exist. Go back to sleep.
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