Need A Second Chance?

Do you ever feel like nothing is going your way? Maybe you even get the feeling that everything is lining up against you? Like no one’s giving you a chance?

Perhaps the answer is that simple: Once you learn that no one’s gonna give you a chance, you’ll start to ponder a little bit. Have you given YOURSELF a chance? If not, well… Now’s the time.

GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE. Cause you’re the only one who can.

Sorry for being so serious all of a sudden, but I feel like people (including yours truly) need some motivational talk from time to time.

– Saffron


About saffroncopper

I'm the girl of your dreams. I may not exist. Go back to sleep.
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3 Responses to Need A Second Chance?

  1. Very nice post my friend (you’re looking berry, berry good as well!)

    You are right. But, you know me. And you’re right. Everybody needs pep talk once in a while! And this piece is good at it, too!

  2. People just need to stop looking for somebody to pat them on the back, they need to stop the whining and make the change their life needs.


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