United States of… Roger?!

Hey hey hey!

I’ve been pretty busy. Finishing watching ‘United States of Tara’ (for the second time), reading Tara’s pilot script, adjusting to my new computer, finally installing Photoshop and Premiere! But I’m back now!

(My baby)

I’d like to talk about ‘United States of Tara’. If you’re not familiar with this show, I will explain in a nutshell – It’s about a woman with a mental condition, dissociative identity disorder, which makes her split into different personalities under pressure\triggers.
Oh, and it’s supposed to be a comedy. This is probably my favorite show, everything about it is brilliant. IT REALLY, REALLY IS.

I can’t help myself, this just crossed in my mind:
If you read my previous post, you know I’m an ‘American Dad!’ fan as well. I love Roger. I love his obsessions and make believe games. I love how he dresses up as different characters. As I was watching it recently, I couldn’t ignore the resemblance between him and Tara. I’m just saying…

And the usual stuff – me:
I had no time to photoshop this picture, I just added the frame…

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