Whoa, this blog needs to be updated!

I know, I know. It’s been a long while and I’m so sorry. Things were happening. I mean things are happening.

I’m entering a script contest (it’s my first time!) and I have to send my script by the end of Aug. A lot of pressure for the beginning screenwriter… (am I a screenwriter? I think I will be able to call myself a screenwriter only when I get a writing job…)

I have loads and loads of pics that are just sitting on the SD cards, waiting to be sorted and posted. I will get to that later. I’m so tired. Just wanted to say a quick hello ;)

But for now – a pic from my iPhone:

– Saffron

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I’d Let Her: Mélanie Laurent (via enduring the wasteland.)

Oh wow, apparently you can reblog posts. Anyway, I just had to reblog this. I love Mélanie and you know how I express my love… I write scripts. In my current project (been working on it for over a year now) my heroine is named after Mélanie Laurent.

<i>I'd Let Her</i>: Mélanie Laurent Let me get this off my chest:  my inclinations are almost wholly towards the brunette.  But Melanie Laurent isn't just any blonde.  Almost stereotypically French, where more than half her photos that I've seen include a cigarette, she has something terribly au naturel about her.  More than brunettes, more than anything, a beautiful girl without make-up takes the cake.  Go ahead, smoke on, Melanie.  Oh yeah, she knows how to act.  From what I've g … Read More

via enduring the wasteland.

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Saffron S02E04

Previously on Saffron: Saffron turned 24. Her favorite TV show has ended (United States of Tara). She revealed her biggest secret to her sister in law.

Okay, I’m gonna stop right there. It’s been a very difficult period. I think my family is going to reunite. I don’t feel like pouring everything out just yet… it’s very delicate. Please excuse me, but I just had to share the tip of the iceberg.

I will get back here soon to blog about the end of ‘United States of Tara’… Maybe even later today.

Pic of the day:

– Saffron

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, We Can’t Have Sex In My Car

No, we can’t. And why is that, you ask? Because my car got jacked. Or rather, my portable CD collection got jacked.

It was about 2 weeks ago actually. I was a total mess. This car was so precious to me. But… gotta look at the bright side – I’m getting a newer car. I’m just super sad since all my original CDs are gone. No more She & Him. No more Jenny Lewis and Rilo Kiley. No more Led Zeppelin. OMG! No more Titanic soundtrack!!!

Right now Skyping with my British friend, Richard… So I kinda feel weird to write a post. But I just wanted to drop by and post something. So here I am, dropping by and posting a little something:

Hope you enjoyed your weekend,
Your carless Saffron

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I’m All Out of Tara song

You know how I love ‘United States of Tara’. I love it so much, I want to take it behind a middle school and get it pregnant. (Tracy Morgan joke. Ooh, too soon?) Anyway, I revised the lyrics to this:

http://youtu.be/JHhFKpiqVEA (sorry, embedding this video is disabled)

I’m all out of Tara, I’m so lost without you
I know you were right coming in my life now
I’m all out of Tara, what am I without you?
Showtime can’t be too late to say that they were so wrong

I want you to come back when I turn the TV on
Away from those other shit shows
I know you hurt too, but what else can we do
Tormented and torn apart
And what would you say if we fought for ya babe
with all our campaigns and petitions?
There’s no easy way, fans get dissed every day
But please come back for another season, for another season…

I’m all out of Tara, what am I without you?

Pics not mine, obviously… But I’ll be back soon with another post and pictures!

Forever yours (since I’m not being cancelled),
– Saffron

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Lookin’ Old, Bitch

June is upon us and–
I can’t believe it’s fucking June! I hate June. June is nature’s way to depress me by reminding me I’m getting older. Two weeks from now I’ll be waving hello to 24.

What have I done in life? Some say not much, some say quite a bit. As a college dropout (I’m a very troubled girl…) who’s focusing now on writing a pilot script, I’d say I have not much going on in life at the moment, or maybe at all. But I’m willing to take my chances on either winning or losing the game. I’ve always been known as a risk taker.

As I told my friend, who celebrated her birthday the other day, the best thing I could wish her was loads of motivation, since it seems to be the key to becoming a successful writer (or successful anything)… So, this is going to be my wish for myself too. I need to start being more pushy as well…

Other than that, I’m pretty happy with the entire #SaveTara campaign. As I said in the last post, I got to meet some really amazing people. It also feels good to have something to be committed to. I actually believe it helps me get up in the morning… really.

Since this is my blog, and I’m allowed to say any shit that’s in my head, I’ll say in secrecy that I wish I had a chance to ever work with Toni Collette… Or just take her pictures. But not in a gross paparazzi way. You know how I feel about photography… ♥

-Currently 23-year-old Saffron

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Hello dear readers,
I will use this platform to promote something very important to me.

A tiny meltdown was in store for me last week. SHOWTIME decided to cancel my favorite TV show and self-help guide, ‘United States of Tara’.
Now apart from it being very annoying (they were basing it on not getting enough views), I thought I was alone in there and everything was doomed.

Well, it isn’t. I’ve come across some great people who are sticking to the great cause of saving this show and together we are trying to put up a fight.

So, since Showtime (and show business) only understand numbers, we need to gather as many people as possible to make a change.

Please support our fight by spreading the word to anyone and everyone, anywhere and everywhere:
-Join the Facebook page
-Tweet and RT #SaveTara #USoTS4 (I’m @SaffronCopper, add me if you’d like)
-Write Showtime (you can get a lot of information on the Facebook page)
-And there’s a forum too! It’s very neat, since Alice is in charge. ;)

Thank you!

Also, since this is a photoblog, I’m adding photos I took way back while United States of Tara was just about to begin! (this also means I didn’t have my DSLR back then. Point and shoot, anyone?)

Have a wonderful week,
– Saffron

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